Enjoy the Max and Moritz Railway With Draisines

Welcome to one of the most exiting draisine railways in Germany!

In contrast to many other railway lines you are able to ride over 5 viaducts and though 1 tunnel in the long term.

The name results from the transport of iron ore from the Schmiedefeld mines to the Max blast furnace in Unterwellenborn and the delivery of material to the porcelain factory Moritz in Schmiedefeld.




The booking of the motor draisine can be booked on tel.: +49 163 186 1492 (Mr. Bartsch).

Bicycle draisines are not rented anymore! All vouchers for bicycle draisines have lost their validity on 31.12.2016.

The capacity of each motor draisine is 15-20 people. But you can also rent several draisines.

At least one adult has to accompany each draisine.

Maximum we can take 50-60 people per trip.



All rides can be combined with activities at Castle Wespenstein (hotel, guided tour, knight's dinner).

We also offer: guided walks, border museum, mine Morassina, quad biking, archery, porcelain museum, forges ...


Just ask Mr. Bartsch on tel: +49 163 186 1492


The railway tours start at Schmiedefeld railway station near Gräfenthal.

Please note that there are 2 Schmiedefelds: the right postal code is 98739.Gräfenthal is located in Thüringen in the south of Saalfeld between Reichmannsdorf (B281) and Probstzella (B85).


Draisines are available for up to 60 persons (motor).


You will start with the draisine riding down the hills to the railway station of Lichte-Ost. Enjoy the overwhelming view from the big viaducts of Lichte and Finsterer Grund. After the arrivel at the second viaduct enjoy the ride back to the Schmiedefeld railway station.


The tour will take approximately two to three hours.