... experience the history during a guided tour by Dr. Wolfgang Wehr (Wespenstein castle foundation).

... or see the museum Georgstift in Gräfenthal city, which is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and have a look
    at a model, old documents of the history of Gräfenthal. 

short HISTORY:

approx. 1250   build as a tollhouse

1337                mentioned as „Hus Grevental” for the first time in a historical charterto

1425                residence of the earls of Orlamünde (Otto XI in 1414-1424)

1438                residence of the earl Conrad von Pappenheim



 View in 1518


1517-1541      Conversion to a representative castle by Sebastian von Pappenheim

1530               Martin Luther and the saxonian elector are guests

1547               Emperor Karl V. and duke Alba are guests

1571               errection of the helical tower „Wendelstein“

1599               the last earl of Pappenheim - Christoff Ullrich - died

1621               residence of the dukes of Saxonia-Altenburg and a bailiff



View in 1672


1679              ownership of the dukes of Saxonia-Gotha

1680              ownership of the dukes of Saxonia-Saalfeld and Coburg-Saalfeld

1686              the castle burnt down to a large extent and was only partly re-erected

1826              residence of a district court of the dukes of Saxonia-Meiningen

1826-1829     the castle obtains its last building extension

1920              ownership of the state of Thüringen

1990              ownership of the German state

1993              privately owned (Mr. Kenyeres)

2001              privately owned (sale by court order, Mr. Laass)

2002              privately owned (auction sale, Dr. Wehr and wife)

2005              privately owned (sale, Dr. Wehr)

2007              Schloß Wespenstein trust

Source for data til 1993: Henry Bechtoldt – Chronik von Schloß Wespenstein. Gräfenthal, 2001.