The non-profit trust “Wespenstein castle”

Aim of the trust is the conservation, restauration and scientific research on the historical monument Wespenstein castle in Gräfenthal, Thüringen. The aim is achieved especially with a public museum including an exhibition on the building history and an archaeological collection with corpus of finds of the castle.


In 1250 the earls of Orlamünde built the castle which was later on extented by the earls of Pappenheim. It is an important historical monument for southern Thüringen. The founder, Dr. Wehr, sees the conservation of Schloss Wespenstein for further generations as an important issue in his life and therefore decided to donate assets and property to the trust.


A further aim of the trust is to maintain all assets and properties. The founder wishes that all assets and properties are not divided or used for other purposes.


The trust was established in 2007 and is a purely non-profit organization.


Donations for the conversion of the castle into a museum are urgently needed.


In 2009-2018 the trust has to provide a high equity ratio in order to receive financial aid of the state of Thüringen. The trust itself is unable to pay this amount.  Every donation counts!


External donations of estates or buildings are welcome.


Schloß Wespenstein Stiftung
Kreissparkasse Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
IBAN: DE36830503030011004665

(Donation receipts can be given)